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One Little Indian’s senior consultant, Abby Gee has a broad base of experience within all facets of the music industry, with clients including Universal Music,  Premier Artists, Future Entertainment, Agent Mad and The Dalai Lama in Australia Pty; in addition to previous freelance technical assistance to front line international such as U2, Portishead and Bjork.

Abby provides solid, rational advice to independents looking to develop the management of their band/artist. Abby has an exceptional reputation as one of Melbourne leading industry figure heads and a champion of the independent band/artist. This reputation in conjunction with immense music business knowledge, makes her the perfect go to, when querying the next step of any band or indie artist.

Further One Little Indian has a dedication to supporting emerging artists (and those who need expertise the most) fee structures are tailored to independents, typically hourly rates are 50% of corporate charges.

Consultancy hours can provide direct answers to a broad range of development concerns from general business structure/taxation, managing an independent release, securing recording, publishing, licensing or distribution deals, through to premium services such as One Little Indian in-house promotions handling the PR, and radio servicing specific to your upcoming album, launch or national tour.

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